Friday, June 19, 2009

Lamp Obsession Strikes Again

No sooner did I clear out the lamp grave yard in the basement when the lamp obsession hit me, again.

It started innocently enough with me snooping around looking for a replacement of our dining room chandelier. Bought for a steal at an auction a few years ago, the glass armed fixture has more damage than can be repaired. One arm droops over in a sad, sad way.

So, yeah, just looking around, gathering information ... when I come across this.

encased gems
Sweet mother of electricity! My breath caught. I moaned. Do I ever love it! The silvered patina finish, the gems .. oh and oh, drool. It's - ahem - a little out of my price range at the moment. Mark my words, though ... some day that lovely thing will be in MY home ;)

bodega ceiling fan
Poking around the site, I noticed the fans. I've hated the 1980's ceiling contraption in our bedroom since move in day. It's big, bulky, noisy. This Modern Fan Company Bodega ceiling fan caught my eye. Like the hammered, silver-toned finish ... no light, I'm thinking.

wall fan
Check out the wall fan. I've never seen such a thing, but it's a great idea for a studio or near a stove. Keeps it up off the counter and/or floor.

fargo fan

fitzgerald fan
Is it me or have table fans taken a great leap forward in design? The two above are works of functioning art.
Eh. Fans. Back to the lamps. Let me just show you MY favorites. Notice my eclectic taste is all over the place. Oh well, just ooh and aah.

lumens lamp george kovacs

pharmacy table lamp

umbrella lamp

midsummer light
Oooooh ... the Scherazade made me catch my breath again. Is that real copper? Love it, love it! OMG!  I need therapy for this obsession, don't I?

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Suzy said...

What unique styles...I love the look of the first photo!

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